Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sorry So Long!!!

Sorry that it has been so long since we have posted anything on our blog. It has been a whirl wind past almost year with the wedding, me deploying, Rachel packing up and moving to Albuquerque with my parents and then me returning. Rachel and I are doing well though even some Military wouldn't expect us to be. We have withstood some of the worst test a Marriage should have too, and that would be a Deployment. Rachel is now working for Enterprise Rental Car and is having a blast. I am currently testing with the California Highway Patrol for a position as an Officer.


rautis2 said...

Yeah you came back on your blog!! I posted easter pics on mine of the kids. Love you guys and Congrats to Rachel on her new job!!!!!

Tina said...

I am so glad that you both weathered well. Lewis and I thought that it brought us closer together and some at work thought that we were crazy. I think it made us totally appreciate eachother more. Also you ought to come and see us while you can still hop to Andrews. plus we will be in ABQ June 10-23.

Susan said...

Now it's been a really long time. What's new?